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Monday, September 9, 2013

Aviva Community Fund - Win $1M for your Community [Charity]

This post brought to you by Aviva Community Fund. All opinions are 100% mine.

Aviva Community Fund Logo
Every week we shop at our local thrift shop, every month we donate clothes and every year we give toys to kids in need. Charity is a big part of life at The Zoo and small gestures can make a big difference. 
What if you all you had to do was submit an idea. One idea and you could win a lot.
Say a share of $1,000,000?

You can with the Aviva Community Fund!

This year marks the fifth year of the Aviva Community Fund, an annual charitable activation, funded and supported by Aviva Insurance. To date, the fund has given away over $3.5 million to deserving organizations such as; A Shelter for H.A.R.T, Georgian Bay Turtle Hospital, The Compassion Project and so many more.  

Aviva Community Fund Voting Idea1
Are you Canadian and want to get involved? You can! Here's how.
  1. Plan and Submit Your Idea. Download the 2013 Information Kit available on their website and get all the important details about this year's competition. Submit your idea on how the Aviva Community Fund could make a positive change in your community as soon as possible to ensure that it qualifies.
  2. Promote Your Idea. Use social media to tell people about your initiative. Contact an insurance broker to support your idea. Not only does it increase your chances of winning but they love to be involved in their community.
  3. Vote! Vote! Vote! Voting begins on September 23 and continues on until November 25! Get your friends, neighbours, co-workers, and even The Zoo to vote for your idea. Here are some creative ways people were getting the word out about their idea.

aviva_lincoln lions_1 photo 01-Lions_vote_zps1e0b006b.jpg

Lincoln Centennial Vote Sign
Lincoln Centennial Dog Vote Sign
Stay up to date on this great initiative; “Like Aviva Community Fund” on Facebook and “Follow @avivacf” on Twitter.




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  1. Neat project - would love to hear from your followers what their ideas are!

  2. Love seeing all the new ideas come out. I will support my community by voting!

  3. Aviva is a great insurance company, and I love this initiative. I can not wait to check out the submissions and vote.

  4. Small gestures DO make a big difference! 1 Million would go a long way is some small town communities! Great opportunity here!

  5. I love this charitable giving campaign of Aviva! I think I've voted every year since it launched. So many wonderful community projects that just need a little extra boost. I love to support businesses that in turn support their communities!

  6. This is such an awesome project! Last year I really enjoyed looking through the ideas and picking a few to vote on that really meant something to me. Can't wait to see what they come up with this year!

  7. This is always such an amazing initiative. I'm excited to see what they will come up with! I love how this supports our communities!